About Us

Welcome to the new revolution in the world of presentations!
Automated presentations in a variety of design styles for you to choose from
Photocol is a site for ordering advanced digital automated presentations.
We offer a variety of original and innovative design styles to private and business clients.
All presentations are delivered in a very short time, from today to tomorrow so even if you are under pressure - do not worry, we will do everything to ensure that you get a beautiful, simple and cheap automatic presentation.
Our site is professional and innovative, equipped with modern and cool effects for any purpose.
Whether it is a wedding, bar / bat mitzvah, brit / ha, birthdays, book photography and more.
Our presentations can be delivered and uploaded in any media you want in accordance with the Copyright Act (ACUM) and all this in order to provide your guests with an amazing and unforgettable experience and for you a unique and colorful souvenir from your event.
All you have to do is purchase one design style from our range of styles, then you will receive a link to upload files by email and 24 hours later
(Excluding Friday, Saturday and holidays) You will receive a link to download directly by email.

Who is our product suitable for?
For those of you who do not want to spend a lot of money
For those who want a simple and well-designed presentation without professional editing that requires many hours of work

So let's also enjoy preparing unforgettable advanced automated presentations with a special souvenir for your event.